Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Was Hot!

It was a hot day in summer.  Truth is, Banana and Cheese couldn’t remember a day it hadn’t been hot, but then, the cat’s memories were not very long.  Probably because of the heat.  Or, because they were cats…
What was I talking about?
Oh yes, the heat.
It was a hot day.  Everything…was…moving…slowly.  Cheese was moving so slowly, he had stopped moving completely, and was in the full out “nap position”.  
Banana was busy watching a bug move…slowly…across the floor of the porch.  She was hoping the bug would help her find the last crumb of the treat she had eaten last night.  She planned to be patient; when the bug finally found the piece of cheese and tuna nibble, she would pounce:   eat the crumb…and then the bug….Yes, it was a perfect plan.
But Cheese kept distracting Banana.  She thought he was asleep, but she kept hearing Cheese murmur things like:  “45…no,  52…no, 38.6….”  Cheese would stop for a while, Banana would concentrate on the bug, and then Cheese would start in again:  “72.1…no, 55.6…no, 68…”
Cheese went on and on like this, until lots of things happened at once!

The bug changed course, and started walking up Cheeses’ tail…

Banana got angry at the bug for getting distracted….

Banana reached out her front paw, to swat the bug…

Cheese exclaimed, “66.7!  Yes!”   He jumped up…

The bug, caught in a bit of flying Cheese fur, sailed away….

And Banana?  Well, Banana looked silly, pouncing on nothing. 

So she yelled at Cheese:  “Cheese!  What ARE YOU DOING?” 
But Cheese was gone!
He had run out the cat door, and was heading (quite quickly for such a hot day) toward the green plastic chair Karen and Gale had left in the yard.  

The Green Chair

Cheese leapt into the air!
Cheese landed on the chair, and swiftly scaled the chair back!
The chair tipped, and Cheese…!

Cheese landed, with a satisfied splash…in the birdbath.
“Ahhhh…,” Cheese said as he shook the water off his head, “I was right!  I knew I could take a dip in this pool!”