About The Characters

BananaI have lovely black and white fur. I’m not sure how old I am, and I can’t tell you what I was doing before I moved in with Cheese and the family 1 ½ years ago—you can ask, but I won’t tell you. I love to talk just as much as I love to eat, and it’s really annoying when I have to stop talking in order to eat; you know how rude it is to talk with your mouth full. I am quite good at giving direction, and I …….

[Cheese continues]: Banana was called away by Twitch, who was yelling at her from outside the patio door. Twitch wanted her to see the kittens. They really ARE quite cute.
Now, what can I tell you about Banana? She’s bossy and must always have the last word. When she’s inside, she likes to play with the little fuzzy balls our people get for her, and string. She’s quite passionate about string. When she’s outside—wow, does she love to go outside--she does a wonderful job of chasing those smelly, very annoying, squirrels.

Cheese: was born on a farm 4 years ago, and settled in with our people when I was 6 weeks old. I am not, contrary to what Banana claims—fussy. I just like to have clean white paws all the time. I used to try to lick the stripes off my fur, but I was much younger then.

I love bugs and water, just not together. I would love to have my own indoor fountain, but the people have not realized that yet. In the meantime, I make do with the faucet in the sink in the bathroom.

I like it to be quiet all the time, which makes it hard to live with talkative Banana, and our noisy people. The worst days for me are when they are entertaining; then the vacuum cleaner comes out, AND more people come in, AND Banana demands attention. That’s when I try to find a nice dark place. I do not think I’m demanding—if I can have chicken and a window to look out every day, I am content.

Banana and Cheese introduce their people:

Gale doesn't bathe as frequently as we do, but that hasn't been a problem so far. She's also not as much of meat-eater as we are, but she completely shares all the catnip she brings home, so we'll overlook most of her shortcomings. We’re pretty sure she works, because she is gone for a large part of the day, and we think she works in a library, because she’s always bringing books home.

As long she see doesn't disturb our naps, she can bring other people into our lives [Cheese adds: as long as they’re not too noisy], and we especially like it when she convinces Erika and Peter to visit.

Gale spends way too much time on her computer, and we think she’s writing things about us, because, well, she’s watching us….all…the… time.

Karen lives here too, and we like her best because she feeds us.[Banana adds:  not as frequently as I would like]. She’s good at playing string, and she’s patient when Banana has a long story to tell. It perplexes us that she likes shoes so much, but as long as she doesn’t step on our tails, we’ll tolerate it. We find it soothing when she plays her guitar, and Cheese really likes it when she quietly reads.

Gale, Karen, Erika, and Peter existed before us, but that doesn’t really matter. As a matter of fact, each of us arrived here at different times, but now that we’re finally together, you can tell this house is now a home.