Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gale Goes on A Trip (Part 2)

Banana was pleased to have Twitch’s full attention again. ‘’Gale said she left the house named England and flew into Greece with Erika.”

“Wow,” Twitch interrupted, “that sounds really messy. I got into grease once, and it took me all day to lick it off my fur. That stuff tastes nasty!”

“Hmph,” growled Banana, who did not like to be interrupted when telling a story. “I’m sure Gale and Erika wore protective gear when flying. She’s usually a careful, if somewhat untidy, person.”

“Yeah! And anyway, Gale said there was a lot of water around the Greece, so she must have stayed clean!” Cheese looked a little worried at the thought of his people being as messy as Twitch. “It sounded heavenly,” Cheese purred, “clean, blue water as far as they could see. Gale said they went swimming a lot, and they put special masks on their faces so they could see…FISH!!!!”

All the cats shuddered at the thought of having something on their face, but could see the logic in doing it just to be closer to those fast and clever creatures called fish. Cheese started to drool at the thought of all those fish, so close that he could reach…out…and…snag…them...

“Hey!” Cheese yelped. “Why did you bite my tail, Banana? That hurt!”

“You were starting to fall asleep, and you weren’t paying attention to me—that’s why,” explained Banana, who followed the tail bite with a swipe to Cheeses’ ear.

“Ow! I was too paying attention! I was listening with my eyes closed!” Cheese pushed Banana on to her side, and the wrestling match was on.

"YO! HEY! STOP!” Twitch shook the screen door. “I want to hear more about your person’s trip to the House of Grease!”

“Oh…why yes,” panted Banana, happy to stop wrestling so she could tell more stories (she wasn’t as young as she used to be, and those wrestling matches could get tiring if they went on longer than 11.6 seconds). “Gale also said they saw some old things in Greece. She said some of them were so old they were…ancient and ruined.” Banana was pleased she remembered the new words that Gale had used when describing the sights of Greece.

“HA! That’s a good one,” laughed Twitch. “They went to see old stuff that was in grease? You’re pulling my hind leg, aren’t you? I know people are strange, but…”

Twitch’s voice trailed off, as she got lost in the thought of what could be so great about old rags, covered in grease. Banana must have heard what Twitch was thinking, because she wondered if ruined chew toys, with the stuffing popping out of them, would really be very interesting. Cheese used the moment of silence to resume his dream of fish in the clean, blue water.

At that moment, Gale walked into the room. She looked at the three cats, each of whom were looking back at her with what really looked like what she would call “puzzled expressions.” “Wow,” Gale murmured, “Sometimes I’d like to know what you cats are thinking!“


  1. LOL!!!! They're dreaming of greasy fish! Awwww - Banana is a fantastic narrator, Cheese has a great imagination and Twitch is a good listener!

    Take care

  2. mmmmm... fish and grease......mmmmmm...