Thursday, November 25, 2010


It was the 4th Thursday in November; one of Banana’s favorite days in the whole year, because Thanksgiving Day was a time for feasting and people and feasting and friends. Oh, the food! Banana had watched with great anticipation as Gale put the biggest bird Banana had ever seen into the oven just 2.5 hours before. Banana had sat right by the oven for a long time, until Karen spotted her and shooed her away, saying, “It will be HOURS before the turkey is done!” Reluctantly, Banana left her viewing station, and went to find Cheese.

Cheese was sitting in front of the television, watching as shapes seemed to float by on the screen.

“Wow! What’s that?”

Banana pointed to a humongous orange cat hovering inside the big black box.

“Gale says it’s a helium balloon, Banana. I don’t know what that is, but look at how small the people are, compared to that cat! Hmmm….” Cheese peered more closely at the screen. “That cat reminds me of you, after you’ve eaten your bowl of food AND mine!”

“Hrumph!” Banana turned and left the room. She called back, over her shoulder, to a still-laughing Cheese. “I’m going to take a nap…in front of the stove. That way, I’ll get the first bite of bird!”

Cheese was torn; he wanted to watch some more of those “balloons”, but he also wanted some of that turkey. As he rocked back and forth, trying to decide, he heard a familiar rumble in the distance. Banana heard it too, and she came running back into the living room.

“CD!!!” The cats pawed at the front door, each trying to be the first to greet their friend.

“Hey cats!” CD fairly burst through the front door, she was so excited to see Banana and Cheese. “Look what I brought for you!” CD held up two little, teeny, tiny…Native American and…Pilgrim costumes?! Banana and Cheese sniffed, then started backing away. “Oh, c’mon…you two will look great in these!” CD used her most convincing voice. “Just try them on. Then, I’ll draw your pictures. Pleaaaase?”

How could the cats refuse CD? They put on the pilgrim hat and the beads and the coats and had to admit—they DID look good!

Later in the day, as Banana and Cheese joined the rest of their family…Karen, Gale, Erika, Peter, and Joey…and many people friends…for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, CD captured it all. Banana didn’t even notice; the turkey was just too…yummy.

As each being sat back, feeling very full and very blessed, there was a loud crash in the kitchen. Banana and Cheese were first to reach the scene, and found Twitch…covered in what was left of the pumpkin pie! “I…well…the back door was open, and well…I slipped,” Twitch sheepishly admitted. She raised her paw, to start the long cleaning process. “Hey! This not-tuna is pretty good!”

We wish all of our friends and family, near and far, a very Happy Thanksgiving…we are very thankful for each and every one of you!


  1. Awwwwwww!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING Banana and Cheese and Karen, Gale, Erika, Peter, Joey, CD and of course Twitch!! We love how you - Banana and Cheeese - look ever so cute and adorable in your costumes!! We hope you see lots more big kitty balloons!!!

    Enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie! Take care

  2. Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

    Greetings and wishes for a belated Happy Thanksgiving from HRH PRincess Treasure.

    Princess Treasure congratulates Banana and Cheese on their Pilgrim outfits, as dashing as they are, and on many, many leftovers they are sure to enjoy.

    She also sends her best wishes to the rest of the gang.

    /s/HRH Princess Treasure
    by Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp