Saturday, July 10, 2010

It’s Our Year

It was July 4, 2010…..

“Hey, Banana,” shouted Cheese, as he peered at the computer screen. “You’ve got to see this!”
Banana sleepily strolled into the room, stretching her hind legs as she moved toward him.
She also had to sidestep Tabbouleh, who pounced on her paw. “This had better be good. I was dreaming I was climbing a mountain of kibble.”

“It says, right here on Gale’s computer, that it’s our year! It has been since February, and nobody told us,” pouted Cheese.

Banana, suddenly very interested, jumped up into the chair next to the computer desk.

Tabbouleh, who had been chasing after her, skidded across the floor, and smacked up against the pink leg of the dinosaur piñata. “What are you talking about? Our year? I knew every day was our day—Gale says that all the time. But our year? I don’t understand.”

Cheese pointed to the computer screen. “It’s the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. And it has been since February 14th, but nobody bothered to inform us of such an important event. “ Cheese suddenly looked like he was dreaming. “We should be honored with a parade, or a party, or maybe a fountain should be named after us.”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Banana, falling into the same dreamy state. “Or we could have a huge banquet, with lots of food and dancing squirrels! We should make sure our people have this party before Tabbouleh leaves; that would mean presents, because everyone brings presents for kittens.”

“No, wait!” Cheese suddenly looked panicked. “NO parties or parades; those get too noisy. And too many people would want to come. Maybe just a quiet night in the back yard?’

“That’s purr-fect, “ agreed Banana. “As long as there are plenty of snacks. How about tonight?”

The cats and their people spent a nice evening out on the patio; as the sun set, Cheese was delighted to see the fireflies begin their light show. But imagine the shock the cats felt when loud booms, followed by flashes of colorful lights, filled the sky.

Banana and Cheese were startled, but the noise woke Tabbouleh from a kitten nap he was taking next to his new best friend the pink dinosaur! As their people clapped and cheered, Banana leaned over to Cheese, and whispered, "They knew it was our year all along. I can’t wait to see what else we do to celebrate.

I’ll bet next we’ll be getting our very own chickens!”

To learn more about the Chinese Lunar Calendar (are you a boar? A monkey?)

To learn about the Year of the Tiger, and how you can help save these great cats

To learn more about fireworks


  1. Hi there!

    I LOVE the name of yoru blog, and even more, I LOVE the illustrations!

    How lovely - I'll subscribe, and look forward to more!

  2. I saw and heard all that commotions, for the first time in my life while Bambi and Ninja was sleepin' I dint know wot ta think about it. Thanks so much for explaining wot was goin on! It great ta know it was all about us!

  3. My goodness, the graphics are terrific. Cheese and Banana, it is great to meet you. You two sound like you have a great time. Take care and have a great day.

  4. We love your illustrations. It's good to meet you both - we have never met a cat called Cheese or Banana before so we think you may be unique.

  5. What an interesting blog with illustrations. Our Jan couldn't draw if you paid her, so she'll be jealous. It's nice to meet you.

  6. we are furry glad to meet you all! please stop in an' visit us whenefur you can, although we don't post real offen anymore. mom's got the "summer lazies" (she sez).

    yer pictures are furry cute, an' we look furward to seein' more of you an' hearin' about your lifes!

    thanks fur bein' here!

    best fishes,
    edmund, nitro, xing lu, an' igmu sapa

  7. Banana and Cheese~~Nice to meet you!!! We will have to come back and read all your stories a bit later!

  8. What a cool blog! We read about you on the Cat Blogosphere. Mom is going to put your blog in our reader so we can follow your adventures!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. ::waving paws:: Hi Banana and Cheese! Yoor purrson draws purrty pikshers. We is looking forward to hearing more about yoo guys and Tabbouleh (odd name) and Twitch and her kittens. We haf foster kitties here in da spring and early summer but we don't keep any of dem...which really makes daddy and Speedy kinda sad.

  10. Hai Banana, Hai Cheese! Yoo has sum interestin names. We has furry boring ones. We love how colourful and beautifully drawn yer blog graphics are. Our the mom has not any talent fer dat stuffs so we shall come and visit to see what noo fings yoo has done. Come and see us sumtime,

    I is Jake!

  11. SQUEE! Your illustrations are just too cute!

  12. Thank you all for all of your kind thoughts for our blog!