Sunday, October 24, 2010

“The Wind in My Fur…Er…Hair”

Banana and Cheese were in the backyard, enjoying the early autumn weather.

“Oof,” exclaimed Cheese, as he reached…way…up…the tree. “I’ve almost got…that…BZZZZZ…bug…rats!” He flopped down.

“Stop it, Cheese,” scolded Banana, “you’re disturbing my nap…er…bird watching!”

Just then, the quiet was interrupted by a “Vroom, vroom,” and the purr of an engine; it was faint at first, and then grew louder.

“CD!!!” Both cats jumped up and ran with great delight through the house and to the front door, which was opened just for their viewing pleasure.

A final “Vroom”, and then the motorcycle was silent. CD, pulling off her helmet, strode up to the door.

“Hey Cats!” CD bent down and scritched each head. The cats, who loved getting some of that CD attention, begged for more scritches. CD patiently patted and scratched ears some more….and some more.

“So Cats, I’m off on a great adventure tomorrow! I’m going to ride my motorcycle as far west as I can!”

The cats, who didn’t know directions or distance, but could sense that CD was excited about something, looked up at her. They were fascinated by her words, but at the same time, were distracted by her cool boots; they smelled so good. Sniff…sniff…was CD seeing another cat?!

“Aw…you two don’t even look like you’ll miss me.” CD was hurt, but at the same time was pleased that the cats were showing an interest in her black boots. “Well, I’ll miss you guys!”

“Hey, Banana, you ready for one more ride?” CD strapped on her helmet, then reached up on the shelf for Banana’s “helmet”, which looked more like a metal funnel with a strap—probably because that’s what it was [editor’s note: I’m sure they make real helmets for cats, but you’ve got to admit that the funnel is more visually funny!]

Banana, who heard the word “ride” and saw her helmet being lifted from the shelf, twirled in circles. She LOVED riding with CD!

“Whoa! Stop so I can strap this on, Banana! “ CD laughed. “Ok, let’s go, girl!” She picked up Banana, and carried her out to the motorcycle. "Hold on tight, Banana!"

“Vroom, vroom.” CD started the noise machine (as Cheese lovingly called it), and the two buddies were off for one more ride around the block.

“Wow!” Banana shouted when they returned 5 minutes later. “That was fun! Cheese, you should take a ride too!”

“No thank you,” snorted Cheese, trying to act like he didn’t care when really his legs were shaking at the thought of sitting on that machine. “That helmet would mess my fur.”

“But it’s a great way to catch bugs---see!” Banana smiled and Cheese looked with envy at the gnat on Banana’s front tooth.

“Well Cats, I’ve got to go.” CD looked and sounded sad. “I am off on my adventure, but I’ll be back in a couple of months. Don’t worry—I will write to you…I mean draw to you…all the time.”

Karen and Gale hugged CD, and watched and waved as she rode her shiny red motorcycle down the street and out of sight.

One month later, a postcard arrived. The cats smelled CD on the paper, so they pushed in for a look.

“It says here that CD has found some new friends to ride with!” Gale glanced up from her reading. “Isn’t that great, Banana?”

Banana just looked horrified. CD…found…a…new…cat?


  1. i love the adventures of Banana and Cheese :)
    Keep them coming!

  2. Awwwww!!! Sweet Banana!! You Wild One!!! LOL!

    You are and always shall be CD's favourite riding kitty!! Who else would wear the "banana helmet"?!?!? but you??

    Hugs and purrs to Cheese too!
    Take care

  3. We don't think CD found another cat, just people friends.